Our Services:

Here at Right Builders, we provide building services to residential and business client across West London and beyond. Below, we have covered some of the services we are called upon most frequently to provide.:

Structural Work West London

The structure of your building or home, is the basic parts of the building that keep it up, stop it falling down, and keep the roof on. Maintaining the structural parts of your building is a vital task. This would include the foundations, joists, load-bearing columns, etc.

Loft Conversion West London

Converting a loft space into one or more bedrooms is a cost-effective way to add rooms to your home. Commercial premises can use a converted loft for offices, storage space, etc. A loft conversion is a cost-effective way to add more space, without having to make structural changes to the building.

Side Extension West London

A side, rear or front extension can add extra space to your home or business premises. It can be used as a kitchen extension, complete with a new kitchen installation. It could be used as a bathroom replacement, or to add an extra bathroom. Or it could simply be used to extend ground floor living space. No matter what you want to use your extension for, Right Builders can help. We can even decorate and fit your new extension for you, and fit underfloor heating in the extension. Smaller extensions, such as a porch building, are also something that we can help West London residents with.

Maintenance Work West London

Every building requires maintenance work from time to time. Wear and tear of the interior means that even hardwearing things such as pipes and wires eventually fail. We can help with full house re wire with certificate supplying, and alsofull house plumbing work. The exterior of your home or business premises is exposed to the weather 365 days a year. This leads to a gradual degradation, and eventual failure of important structural areas such as the roof. We can tackle allroof tiling and roof maintenance tasks. No matter what the maintenance task is, or how large or small, Right Builders can tackle it.

Full House Re Plastering West London

Bother internal and external plastered surfaces will degrade over a period of years. Especially when they have been exposed to rain, damp or other water hazards. Right Builders can work on interior plastering projects, providing a perfect finish to be painted or wallpapered. We can also work on external plastering project, to produce a hard-wearing wall surface.

Additional Services

The services we covered above are the most common we provide. However, we are happy to quote on any building or construction work. If you live in the West London area or beyond, speak to the Right Builders team today on 07707307300 and tell us what you need, we will let you know how we can be of help.